Comprehensive Price Monitoring Software for Mass Retailers

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Get a 360 Degree Market View With the Best-In-Class Price Monitoring

Consumers vote for their preferred retail channel with their wallets. Their opinion and perception is the ultimate market driver power, and their significance is higher than ever. Gone are the days when consumers were forced to choose from a handful of options; Today, they have more than a hundred options to choose from, even while purchasing new luxury goods.

The number of retailers and the information available to consumers has expanded exponentially. Customers have become more aware of what they are spending on and purchasing. Savvy consumers spend a considerable amount of time researching products. They even consider the shopping experience while looking for a product.

Customers Are Becoming Savvier, Are you?

Consumers' awareness and choices should be a warning sign as they can switch quickly from one retailer to another. All they look for is a retailer that best serves their needs. Like retailers, mass retailers are also not immune to this phenomenon.

They must know that their customers can reject their brand if they find a unique mass retailer or get attracted to the innovative ways of a competitor. Therefore, mass retailers cannot shy away from these challenges. They need to stay ahead of their competitors by finding a way to attract customers with the best price. Is there a way?

What if you can leverage a pricing strategy that convinces customers that they have reached their desired destination?

This capability would give mass retailers an unprecedented level of control. PriceManager can be the right tool to help you with the best price strategy and innovative ways to keep attracting shoppers regularly.

Get the Ideal Pricing Strategy With this Ultimate Price Tracking Tool
We Help Mass Retailers avoid the race to the bottom!
Intuitive Pricing dashboard

Many data points are involved in competitive intelligence; therefore, getting a mere price change alert email is not enough. So how can you strengthen the competence of your preferred solution? PriceManager allows mass retailers to rely on a more intuitive analytics dashboard. In this dashboard, they can see detailed and insightful reports showing recent price/stock changes and the complete retail landscape.

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Get the Right Pricing Strategy and Dynamic Pricing

Millions of products are launched every day. With the advancements in the digital space, the world of retail has turned upside down. Customers can easily shift to other retailers in a matter of seconds. They want to purchase goods at the best price with the best service proposition. Therefore, you need a tool that enables you to achieve the right pricing strategy and most profitable price. Apart from market insights and custom analytics, we help mass retailers with Dynamic Pricing capabilities. These capabilities can help you automate your repricing actions.

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Automated Email Alerts

Get price alerts through your email. We deliver automated price alerts from any segment of your assortment, if you're being beaten on price in any category or brand we will send you an alert email. This means rather than waiting to pick up on that trend and make a reactive change you can be proactive and minimize any reduction in sales and maximize profits. You can also combine these email alerts with a price matrix report. This feature allows retailers to compete in the online shopping space.

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See PriceManager in action!

PriceManager guarantees that you will get your ideal pricing strategies sooner rather than later. This ultimate price monitoring tool can provide critical insights and alerts to help you attract more customers. Please contact our experts to take up a free demo session.